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Window Quartz



Window Quartz (AKA Fenster Quartz) is known to do just what the name suggests--offer a window into time, events, and situations, making it THE tool for people who work with their psychic gifts or doing any type of readings/scryings. It is  high vibrational stone that is great at cleansing the aura. It also is known to be a great stone to use for ancestor work and has windows to the past.

Our Window Quartz comes in four sizes currently, small (~1/2" - ~3/4"), medium (~3/4" - ~1."), large (~1"- ~1.25"), and extra large (~1.25" - ~1.5"). All dimensions given are approximates. When you purchase this stone, one will be chosen intuitively for you in the size you choose.

***The stone colors will vary since this is a product made by Mother Nature.***

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