The Complete Book of Dreams by Stephanie Gailing

The Complete Book of Dreams offers holistic techniques to harness the healing and beneficial therapies in our sleep and dreams to help us heal emotionally and psychologically, rejuvenate, and improve our ability to deal with life’s stresses and activities.

More than one-third of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, making it a current public health epidemic. Research links a lack of sleep to a number of problems, such as impaired cognitive function and reduced emotional intelligence. Sleep is essential to maintaining optimal health and well-being and is as vital as regular exercise and a maintaining a balanced diet. Benefits include: better productivity and concentration, lower weight gain risk, better calorie regulation, greater athletic performancelower risk of heart diseasepreventing depression, and creating a stronger immune system.

Wellness consultant, teacher, and author Stephanie Gailing teaches sleep sanctification ritualsrelaxation practicesflower essences, and other holistic approaches that will amplify your sense of well-being. In addition, dreamwork is woven into the book using an astrologically reflective process that can yield further insights into the awareness that your dreams are bringing forth.

Topics covered include:

Relaxation practices for dreaming and better sleep
Creating sleep intentions

Working with a dream journal

All about lucid dreaming

Using herbal and flower essences to sleep and dream better
Using crystals for better sleep
Working sleep routines and patterns according to your astrological sign

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