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Tailtiu Organic Loose-Leaf Tea

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Tailtiu Organic Loose-Leaf Tea



Explore the essence of Tailtiu and her message of endurance, sovereignty, as you experience her cycle of life, death & rebirth.

Tailtiu (pronounced Tale-too), is a Celtic Earth Goddess, associated with vigor, strength, and endurance. Her name means “Great One of the Earth.” Her legend describes how she cleared the trees from large areas of land so it could be tilled, planted, and harvested by man.

Made also as a ritual tea for Lughnsadha.

Blackberry! Blackberry is the star of this beautifully flavored tea perfect to drink hot or chilled.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Blackberry, Yarrow, Raspberry, Red Clover & Meadowsweet

Black Tea – Courage

Blackberry – Healing, Prosperity & Protection

Yarrow – Courage, Love & Psychic Powers

Raspberry – Protection,

Red Clover – Prosperity

Meadowsweet – Peace & Happiness

Loose-leaf tea can be brewed in hot water or cold brewing methods using a strainer or a reusable muslin tea bags. Not included with this tea purchase.

To Brew: Use approximately 1 to 1½ tsp of this loose-leaf tea is needed to brew an 6-8oz cup of tea. Adjust the amount used to match your taste preference. Sweeten as desired. I like to use quality honey with this blend.

Our teas are made from sustainable, and organically-grown ingredients. Each tea is hand-crafted in small batches using high-quality medicinal herbs. No fillers. No added flavors. JUST TEA! This attention to the nature of our ingredients results in flavorful teas that help you feel SO good!

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