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Sarcasm: One of My Many Talents Collection



Are you one of those snarky asses that can’t say anything without it going a little sideways? Like you tried to join those mother's circles at the playdates, but every time you open your mouth pure unadulterated snark falls out. Last Thanksgiving you mother claimed you were hopeless; you told her it was genetic. If this sounds like you, then join the club. The good news is this is a safe place where you can say as much eye rolling crazy ass shit as you want and no one will judge. Best yet, you can revel in your talents with this Grapefruit, Spearmint, Rosalina, scent that is tailored just for your spunky, self-righteous, condescending self.

Available in the following products:
Lotion Bar with Applicator 2 oz
Divinity Soap 8 oz
Body Lotion 8 oz
Body Scrub 8 oz
Bath Salts/Foot Soak 8 oz

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