Cleansing Room Spray

 We would like you to meet our in-house made, Cauldron exclusive space/room cleansing spray! This spray is a powerful tool to have in your cleansing kit. Formulated and made by our in house aromatherapist and head witch, it has a combo of herbs, crystals, and essential oils that pack quite a 🥊. Add to it that it is charged with Reiki, well let’s just say you aren’t going to want to be without this one 🙌🏻

Ingredients: SDA 40, di propylene glycol, dried roses, bay leaves, rosemary, & cloves, watermelon tourmaline, purple amethyst, smoky Quartz, & clear Quartz chip stones, and essential oils of bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, and cinnamon leaf  

Comes in three sizse:  2 oz., 4 oz. & 8 oz.

These do contain alcohol and must be shipped via UPS.

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