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Priestess Organic Caffeine Free Loose-Leaf Tea
Priestess Organic Caffeine Free Loose-Leaf Tea

The Spunky Cauldron

Priestess Organic Caffeine Free Loose-Leaf Tea



It’s time to wake the Priestess!

Enjoy this tranquil eathy-floral tea as you connect to the essence of your inner Priestess. Excellent for use in sacred ceremonies and before practicing divination. Rose and Chamomile provide a floral lift allowing the herbal flavors of lemon balm, dandelion, and mugwort peek through.

This tea is infused with the magickal aspects a priestess needs for making the most out of her spiritual and magickal practice.

Flavor notes: Smooth, earthy, floral with a hint of sweetness
Perfect to drink hot or chilled.

Ingredients: Lemon balm, Yarrow, Rose, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Dandelion & Mugwort

Lemon balm – Healing
Rose – Psychic power, Dreams, & Divination
Chamomile – Prosperity, Purification, Protection & Anti-curse
Yarrow – Psychic power & Visions
Mugwort – Astral Work & Strength
Cinnamon – Success, Spirituality & Psychic power
Dandelion – Calling Spirits

To brew, add a 1-1½ tsp of this tea in a strainer or loose in your cup with 6-8oz boiling water for 3-5 minutes or until your desired strength. You may also brew your tea using an iced or cold brew method, perfect for hot days.

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