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Mercury Retrograde Kits
Mercury Retrograde Kits
Mercury Retrograde Kits

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Mercury Retrograde Kits



Mercury Retrograde is nothing to be scared of! This is a wonderful time to do a "spring cleaning" of our inner selves. Find and release those things that are toxic to us and are no longer serving us!

I've developed this kit to help us do exactly that and that way when we come out of Mercury Retrograde we are a more true version of our fabulous selves!

There are three levels of this kit: small, medium, and large.

Small contains: smokey quartz, rhodochrosite, selenite, fancy jasper, 1/2oz bag of loose blue sage, and a heart chakra/healing votive candle for $9.95 (savings of over $3).

Medium contains all of the above plus my "Drop a House on It" calming oil blend for $19.95 (savings of over $5).

The large contains everything that comes in the small and the medium plus Amber Mac's workbook "One Day at a Time". This book is amazing to help us with our journaling when we don't know what to journal about (which can cause us more anxiety) for $34.95 (savings of over $8).

Please remember that the stones are made by Mother Nature and may vary in size, shape, and color than those in the picture.

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