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Libyan Glass



Alright, so everyone knows about the tektite called Moldavite right? A brilliant stone of transformation for those that are ready to yield it. has a sibling. Ok, probably several but we're going to talk about one that we've been having a GREAT time with.

Libyan Gold Tektite aka Libyan Glass- is a tektite (meaning it was formed when a meteorite impacted the earth) found in the Sahara desert in Libya and Egypt. It dates back to about 29 million years. 😯 This gorgeous yellow to honey colored piece of glass was used by Egyptians to make tools and jewelry. King tut was buried with a Libyan glass carved scarab pendant. Cool right?

So let's talk about this rare gem's properties. Keywords here are confidence, mental acuity, Akashic Records access, manifestation, psychic protection.

This little piece of sunshine will supercharge meditations, rituals, and manifestations. It is also said to help shy people become more outgoing and helps one be more playful and creative in their approach to life.

Here at the store, we can attest: When the Libyan glass comes out, moods are lifted, everyone is laughing and telling ridiculous jokes. Most are not even really funny...well...maybe that's just Whitney's.🤷

This is also a great stone for healers, as it protects them from crossover from client's energy into their own. Anywho...I could go on for a lot longer about this one, it's a new favorite. You can even use Moldavite and Libyan Gold Tektite together to achieve self-transformation to one's highest calling...if you dare. Personally not ready for that energy bomb at the present time but, one day.

Libyan Glass is a rare one, and tough to get. So, not exactly a budget stone, but it is AHH-mazing. We have some specimens in store with a pretty good range of sizes. So, come in and handle it yourself, you'll see what I mean. 😉

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