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Lemon Topaz

The Spunky Cauldron, Inc.

Lemon Topaz



Lemon Topaz is a beautiful lemon-ey yellow in color.  

Lemon Topaz corresponds with the solar plexus chakra and is highly empathic towards the user's body and sends it energy to where it is most needed. It can attract  wonderful new friends and helpful people. It is fabulous at cleansing your aura and helping us release tension and relax. It will also promote happiness and helps in manifesting especially in the area of money.

Our lemon topaz comes in four sizes currently, small (~1/2" - ~3/4"), medium (~3/4" - ~1."), large (~1"- ~1.25"), and extra large (~1.25" - ~1.5"). All dimensions given are approximates. When you purchase this stone, one will be chosen intuitively for you in the size you choose.

***The stone colors will vary since this is a product made by Mother Nature.***

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