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Kitchen Witch Body Scrub

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Kitchen Witch Body Scrub


Remember when women were considered masters of the kitchen and all things domestic? Wait...was that the 1950’s or yesterday? Well, it doesn’t really matter because there is an undeniable magic in the kitchen that we are able to harness when we need to. Well, with this blend of grapefruit, spearmint, lemon, and thyme, you won’t have to feel like someone trapped in the kitchen, but rather as someone who creates wonderful and magical things in that space.

Directions: You can use the wooden scoop provided or clean, dry hands to dish out a small amount and then rub it on your skin. If you want that shit to work the best, be sure to rub it in circular pattern for an exfoliating effect. Then when you are done just rinse off with water. Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy.

Ingredients: Sugar, apricot oil, vitamin e oil, and essential oils of grapefruit, spearmint, lemon, and thyme.

Cautions: No emulsifiers were used, so please stir before using.  Only scoop out scrub with clean, dry hands or included wooden scoop.  Avoid eyes and mucous membranes.  For external use only.  May irritate skin.  Keep out of reach of children.  May cause bath or shower floor to become slippery.

Size: 8 oz jar

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