It's Just a Phase: Magick through the Moon Phases 1.0 Class

We are taking a magickal trip through the four main phases of the Moon! This class will touch on rituals and timing of magickal workings through the Full, New, Waning, and Waxing moon cycles.

Participants will leave with an introductory knowledge of:

  • The four main phases of the moon cycle
  • Timing spells with the moon phases
  • Moon correspondences
  • Types of spells to do and when
  • AND More...

Who should take this class?

   This is a great class for those just beginning to work with the moon's energy or experienced practitioners looking for a different perspective. While you by no means need to be an expert, a base knowledge of magick and spells is definitely beneficial as those topics will not be covered in this class. If you need the basics check out the Witchy Basics Class

This class includes a bound informational booklet with journal prompts and informational printouts.  All supplies are included. 

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