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In Focus: Numerology by Sasha Fenton

Quarto/Fair Winds Press

In Focus: Numerology by Sasha Fenton


All numbers have an intrinsic energy, from the date of your birth to the number of your home. With In Focus Numerology, author Sasha Fenton gives the information you need to understand the significance of numbers in your life, including how to use them to forecast outcomes and take advantage of opportunities. Beautiful illustrations and a framable poster combined with expert information make this your go-to numerology guide.

Topics covered include:
History of numerology
Predictive numerology
A daily oracle that combines the planets and numbers to give an accurate daily reading
An hourly oracle that is based on hours, days, and planets
The Mystic Pyramid
The Oracle of Napoleon

Get your life in order and predict what may be awaiting you.

The In Focus series applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind, and spirit subjects. Authored by experts in their respective fields, these beginner's guides feature smartly designed visual material that clearly illustrates key topics within each subject. As a bonus, each book includes reference cards or a poster, held in an envelope inside the back cover, that give you a quick, go-to guide containing the most important information on the subject.

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