Green Moonstone, Tumbled

Green moonstone is the most rare of the moonstones and is a heart chakra stone. It is the stone for connecting us with Mother Earth, Gaia, or the Goddess and her feminine earth energy. It is an extremely soothing and calming stone that eases away feelings of anxiety and stress and helps us from feeling overwhelmed. It also helps us become more aware of our subconscious and develop our gifts especially clairvoyance.

 Our green moonstone comes in three sizes of palm stones currently, small (~1.5" - ~2.0"), medium (~2.0" - ~2.5."), and large (~2.5" - ~3"). We also have it in 4 free forms. All dimensions given are approximates. When you purchase this stone, one will be chosen intuitively for you in the size you choose.

***The stone colors will vary since this is a product made by Mother Nature.***

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