Blue Aragonite (aka Caribbean Calcite), Tumbled

Blue Aragonite (aka Caribbean Calcite) is mix of light turquoise and brown in color and is often associated with the throat chakra and because of that helps with all types of communication. It gives the user feelings of comfort and joy. It helps us be more compassionate towards other beings, helps us communicate with our guides better, and helps us during emotional transitions. 

Our blue aragonite comes in three tumble sizes currently, small (~1/2" - ~3/4"), medium (~3/4" - ~1."), and large (~1"- ~1.5") and in points that are approx 1.5" tall . All dimensions given are approximates. When you purchase this stone, one will be chosen intuitively for you in the size you choose.

***The stone colors will vary since this is a product made by Mother Nature.***

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