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Chakra -Third Eye Caffeine Free Organic Loose-Leaf Tea
Chakra -Third Eye Caffeine Free Organic Loose-Leaf Tea

The Spunky Cauldron

Chakra -Third Eye Caffeine Free Organic Loose-Leaf Tea



Made to heal and balance your Third Eye Chakra

Enjoy a cup as part of your daily tea ritual or before conducting Chakra work or meditation. Each sip is a tribute to your well-being.

This beautiful tea is full of flavor and aroma. Made with only the highest quality organic and responsibly sourced herbs and spices. You can take heart in knowing that your purchase is eco-conscious and sustainable.

Reiki Infused
Caffeine Free

Ingredients are as follows:
Mint, Mugwort, Blueberry, Feverfew, Lavender, Ginko Biloba & Tulsi

To brew, add a 1-1½ tsp of this tea in a strainer or loose in your cup with 6-8oz boiling water for 3-5 minutes or until your desired strength. You may also brew your tea using an iced or cold brew method, perfect for hot days.


About the Third Eye Chakra
Sustaining awareness of third eye chakra energy might require focus and the ability to relax into a different way of seeing. When we focus our mind and consciousness, we can see beyond the distractions and illusions that stand before us and have more insight to live and create more deeply aligned with our highest good.

The sixth Chakra or “the third eye” is associated with intuition and the pineal gland. When this chakra is blocked we tend to lack in imagination and intuition resulting in poor decision making and self-deception. The third eye chakra is associated with the archetypal dimensions, as well as the realm of spirits. Physically, third eye blocks may manifest as eye/ear problems, headaches, migraines, insomnia, or even nightmares.

The third eye chakra is an instrument to perceive the more subtle qualities of reality. It goes beyond the more physical senses into the realm of subtle energies. Awakening your third eye allows you to open up to an intuitive sensibility and inner perception.
Because it connects us with a different way of seeing and perceiving, the third eye chakra’s images are often hard to describe verbally. It puts us in touch with the ineffable and the intangible more closely. Third eye visions are also often more subtle than regular visions: They may appear a bit “blurry”, ghost-like, cloudy, or dream-like. Sometimes, however, the inner visions might be clear as a movie playing in front of your eyes.

The third eye chakra psychological and behavioral characteristics:
Perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy
Psychic abilities related to clairvoyance and clairaudience especially
Access to mystical states, illumination
Connection to wisdom, insight
Motivates inspiration and creativity

Third eye chakra imbalance
When the Third eye chakra has an imbalance, it can manifest as:
Feeling stuck in the daily grind without being able to look beyond your problems and set a guiding vision for yourself
Overactive third chakra without support from the rest of the chakra system may manifest as fantasies that appear more real than reality, indulgence in psychic fantasies and illusions
Not being able to establish a vision for oneself and realize it
Rejection of everything spiritual or beyond the usual
Not being able to see the greater picture
Lack of clarity

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