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Carborundum (aka Moissonite)

The Spunky Cauldron

Carborundum (aka Moissonite)



Carborundum (aka Moissonite or Silcon Carbide) is thought to be a master healer. It is known for connecting and balancing all the chakras, is grounding, and very calming. It is known as to be used an amulet against evils, prevents negative energy from gathering around you, and it shields and protects. It also helps give us motivation, helps smooth our relations with others, and regain calm in our daily life.

Our Carborundum comes in three sizes. The small is approx 3.25" long and about .75" in width, the medium is approx 3.25" long and about 1.25" in width, and the large is 3.25" long and about 2" in width.

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