Blessing Ball

Blessing Balls are made with a specific purpose in mind. They are filled with herbs and crystals to help achieve this purpose. The five available right now are calming, confidence, happiness, love, protection, and luck/abundance.  We also have seasonal ones available.

The love one is filled with jasmine, hibiscus, and roses. They also have amethyst, rose quartz, and morganite crystals. 

The protection one is filled with marshmallow root, cinnamon sticks, and blue sage. They also have tigers eye, black obsidian, and black tourmaline crystals.

The luck/abundance one has calendula, lavender, and chamomile flowers. They also have quartz crystals, green aventurine, and citrine.

***When you order you will receive ONE blessing ball. Multiple are shown to give examples. Since these are hand made, no two will be alike.***

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