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Black Moonstone

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Black Moonstone



Black Moonstone, with its swirls of black, brown, and cream helps us connect with the energies of the dark/new moon and the divine feminine. It provides psychic protection, aid in the increase of synchronicities in life, and help those of use who have electrical sensitivities. It also helps protect us when we let our guard down during down times in our lives, helps heal from past emotional trauma, and helps us use our intuition more.

 Our black moonstone comes in three sizes of palm stones currently, small (~1.5" - ~2.0"), medium (~2.0" - ~2.5."), and large (>~2.5). We also have it in 4 free forms. All dimensions given are approximates. When you purchase this stone, one will be chosen intuitively for you in the size you choose.

***The stone colors will vary since this is a product made by Mother Nature.***

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