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Heather Scott (she/her)- Owner, Aromatherapist, Crystal & Reiki Practitioner

Heather's interest in all things woo began over 20 years ago. She starting merging her personal path and professional career six years ago when she finished school for aromatherapy and started her career as an Aromatherapist and body & skin care product maker. Since then, she has completed schooling for crystal healing and worked with her Reiki teacher to receive her Reiki attunements. 

A teacher and healer at heart, Heather wanted to have more than her office in Oklahoma City where she had her aromatherapy consults, classes, and sold her artisan made body & skin care products. She wanted to have a place for people to go to not only get the tools they needed to pursue their path, but also a safe place to go to learn and ask questions with zero judgment. Thus, The Spunky Cauldron was born along with its sister company Spunky Beauty Co. She now uses these three modalities (aromatherapy, crystal healing, reiki) together with in sessions, classes, and consults to help people on their path.

When not busy running the Spunky Empire (as it has been nicknamed by friends), Heather can be found reading trashy romance novels, watching Hallmark movies, or playing board games with her family.


Amanda P. (she/her) - Store & Ordering Manager

Amanda is made of stories, crisp autumn breezes, and the pitter pattern of rain on a metal roof. If you asked her where she thought she would be after graduate school, she most likely wouldn’t have said Oklahoma. But this Texas transplant found her new home amidst the books, crystals, and herbs of The Spunky Cauldron, and she simply never looked back. When she’s not working, she moonlights as a YA and adult fantasy author and scribbles in her wide array of journals searching for just the right character. Ask her anything about books, the latest video game releases, or the Victorian language of flowers and there’s no telling where that conversation might lead. 

Matt C. (he/him) - Sales Associate

Candace R. (she/they) - Sales Associate