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Main Scent Collection (available year round)

You're Parking Deserves a Hex - blood orange, cedar wood, patchouli, & vanilla

We see you and your twisted ass parking. How is it not possible to fit that tiny car into the oversized space? If you are trying to prevent your car from dents, then you may succeed in that (even though we promise no one wants to key your fifteen year old Kia with half a bumper), but you won’t stop us from mumbling our way through a hex. The only thing that may help keep us from cursing you straight through to the hereafter is this grounding brew with blood orange, cedarwood, patchouli, and vanilla.

Don't Spew Spell - Enunciate Them... - lavender, helichrysum, & frankincense

Even if the rest of the world doesn’t care, you know that spells can be a royal pain in the ass to get right. So when your tongue gets twisted and you can’t get the wording to come out the way you want, don’t stress out too much. Instead, relax and enjoy this amazing combination of lavender, helichrysum, and frankincense. You might find yourself being pampered like you were living as a 16th century royal. If you would like to not be beheaded or burned at the stake though be sure to watch out for that cad Henry VIII.

Go Smudge Yourself - clary sage, lavender, sweet orange, & ginger

For when more than your body needs cleansing. We all could use a good smudging every now and then for petty offenses: waiting in line at the grocery store and silently cursing the person in front of you for pulling out a checkbook or cutting someone off in traffic only to go five miles under the speed limit and trap them there. Go Smudge Yourself will not only help your skin stay lush and hydrated but with clary sage, it can also help keep you centered in more ways than one.

Midnight Margarita - lemon and lime

She puts the lime in the coconut and drank it all up. No, wait, don’t drink this concoction, no matter how much you want to. This potion may smell as good as a midnight margarita, but its intended target is not to get you that good buzz that witches need from time to time. Rather this will quench your skin’s thirst for good products using the lively citrus essential oils of lemon and lime.

Sometimes I'm Wicked & I Regret Nothing - Grapefruit, Spearmint, & Rosalina

Admit it, the older we get the more we identify with those evil queens. It’s so easy to look at the world with rose colored glasses when you get sleep and aren’t fueled by caffeine and constant lowkey rage pushing you through the day. Although we may try to be our best selves, sometimes the evil witches come shining through, and in those moments we can embrace them with this blend of grapefruit, rosalina, and spearmint.

Release the Flying Monkeys - lavender, tangerine, frankincense, & roman chamomile

We all have those days when everything is going sideways and someone’s perky attitude and eternal optimism makes us want to go straight up Wicked Witch and release the flying monkeys. Especially when it’s a morning person who tries to talk to you before the coffee has seeped into your bloodstream. Lucky for those who irritate us, flying monkeys are not as easy to get our hands on as this blend of Tangerine, Roman Chamomile, lavender, and Frankincense designed to help you chill out and reinstate your cool.

Relax, It's Only Magic - sweet orange, lime, bergamot, & copaiba

Don’t you just love when someone tries to lecture you about what magic is or isn’t? The whole world is magic, the entire universe is filled with wonder, and who are they to question how that translates in your world view? Good thing that this little dose of magic in a bottle is created using a hand crafted blend of Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lime, and Copaiba to help you release your inner witch.

Spring Scent Collection (available between Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice)

Derby witch - spearmint & lime

Witches at the races? Yes, please. It’s the epitome of spring in the south. Let’s pull out those big hats and watch our favorite horses run down the track. Embrace your inner hoity toity witch with this mint julep inspired scent featuring spearmint and lime.

Lavish Witch - lemongrass and grapefruit & Rosalina

Do you love relishing the spring equinox and the blooming flowers peering out after the long winter? If so, then this scent is the one for you. With the lemongrass, grapefruit, and rosalina this scent is one that is clean and refreshing.

Sassy witch - rosalina & spearmint & lemon

Oh snap, you’ve done it now. The Sassy Witch is up and ready to come for your ass if you don’t start acting right. And although the quick fingersnap may have evolved over the years it’s still ready to make a comeback when needed. Just remember when you apply this rosalina, spearmint, and lemon scent that you will be invoking the power of the sass.

Summer Scent Collection (available between Summer Solstice & Fall Equinox)

TBA witch - ?


TBA Witch - ?


TBA witch - ?


Fall Scent Collection (available between Fall Equinox & Winter Solstice)

Basic Witch - pumpkin spice

For the love of all things fall, this scent is one that is sure to go perfectly with your pumpkin spice obsession. Yes, you can now live in pumpkin spice world 24/7! I am totally okay with that, and am in fact here to help you wrap yourself in a whole body cocoon of pumpkin spice from morning to night.

Hipster Witch - Chai

You knew that Chai was the wave of the future years ago, but no one listened. Now, you can show them how wonderful Chai truly is by lathering it on your skin so everyone can bask in the scent. Then, they will all know that you were right all along!

Blanket Wrapped Witch - Cinnamon and Vanilla

Oh, fall for you means snuggling under blankets in anticipation of the first snowfall. This warm, rich vanilla scent is the perfect thing to accompany you as you dream of thick, white snow, and cozy winter nights. The only thing missing is a roaring fire, but we can work on that.

Winter Scent Collection (available between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox)

Twisted Witch – vanilla, spearmint, & cardamom 

There is no reason why you can’t be both a serious witch, and one that loves to embrace sarcasm and wit. You know that people give you the sideways glance when you speak your mind or crack your jokes, but you also can’t be bothered to care. Let the others deal with their own issues and you continue to embrace the twisted side of your soul with this rich scent featuring vanilla, spearmint, and cardamom oil.

Candied Witch – gingerbread

They say the same thing whenever you are around, “You seem so sweet.” Well, of course you do, you have the blood of the gingerbread house running through your veins. You didn’t get where you are by playing games, no you got there by straight deception and a cunning smile. Cast your spell with this sweet scent featuring vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, and clove.

Sparkly Witch – vanilla, peppermint, and chocolate

You can’t wait for yule because you long to see the earth coated in a blanket of fresh white snow, sparkling in the moonlight like a thousand diamonds. If this just also happens to create trouble for those who choose to not enjoy nature, well, that’s just a bonus. While you wait for your yule snow to work its magic, be sure to enjoy this extra special scent featuring a blend of vanilla, peppermint, and cocoa to lift your spirits.