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Welcome to the Fall....of the Patriarchy

Welcome to the Fall…of the Patriarchy

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but the recent news cycle has me in a downward spiral at times. It seems like a neverending torrent. However, in celebration of all the women who have come forward to share their stories and to declare that they will not be stepped on any longer, I’ve decided to embrace this period of history as a cleansing time. One in which we rid ourselves of the tedium of perceptions and embrace who we really are. 

This collection contains three limited edition scents that won’t be around long  so get yours today and remember to get out and vote!

Blessed Be the Witch

There is no shame in our game. It’s the season to embrace your inner witch and protect yourself against those who would seek to cause us harm. We embrace mother earth, and goddess moon, and all of the cycles of nature, but we no longer have to bear the burden of in appropriate people coming into our space. Cleanse yourself with this blend of grapefruit, peppermint, and lemon mixture and know that you are on your own blessed space. 

Bonfire of the Patriarchy

Sometimes we all get the overwhelming feeling that nothing will change if we don’t invest in massive upheaval. During those times we want to see it all burn down so we can build something better from the ashes. Instead of turning to the destructive side, try this lavender, Rosalina, sandalwood mixture. Then, you can spark the bonfire from within until it burns everything in its path. 

1984 is Calling

It’s like there was a warning about living through a time when the government would lie to our faces and expect us to believe that conflict was peace and that knowledge was a dangerous weapon. Oh wait, you mean there was? Damn, we could have done so much to prevent this if only we had listened. It’s okay now though. 1984 is Calling, and this time we intend to answer with this collection designed with sweet orange, vanilla, geranium, and mandarin blended together to help us keep that wake up call in mind. What are you waiting for?