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Star Anise Herbal Sugar

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Star Anise Herbal Sugar



What are Herbal Sugars? Sugar is well known in the Witchcraft, Pagan, and Wiccan communities for its ability to sweeten the outcome of spells. Herbal sugars take the magickal and energetic aspects of your workings to another level. Each herb and spice added to the sugar diversifies and intensifies each intention.

Use it in your tea, coffee, baking, and more.

This sugar goes exceptionally well with The Witching House Tea Blend

Yes! It’s edible! Use this intoxicating blend in your morning coffee, tea, desserts, and spellwork!

The ingredients & their energetic properties:
Organic Non-GMO Sugar – Purification & to sweeten the desired outcome
Star Anise- Luck & Psychic Powers

HOW TO USE YOUR SUGAR – You can use your sugar when casting a circle when you want your barrier to reflect your intention. You may use this sugar as a body scrub to soften your skin, during a ritual shower or bath. Or you may choose to use these sugar in your magickal recipes when you are looking to add a little something extra.

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