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Dark Moon Esbat Tea Organic Loose-Leaf Witch Tea
Dark Moon Esbat Tea Organic Loose-Leaf Witch Tea

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Dark Moon Esbat Tea Organic Loose-Leaf Witch Tea



Counter to the Full Moon, the Dark Moon is subtle. This monthly cycle beckons us to go within. It is a time to reflect and plan. The Dark Moon lends us powerful energy for prophetic dreams, divination, cleansing, and subtle manifestation. It is also time to prepare for a new cycle as we continually learn and grow.

Use this tea when you seek protection, clarity, and calm. Specially formulated to help you invoke the Dark Goddess, this tea is perfect for your Dark Moon ceremonies. It is also ideal for use before performing Divination work. When using for Tasseomancy, I recommend gently and slightly grinding the mixture into smaller pieces with a mortar and pestle before brewing.

Oolong – Courage
Cocoa Nibs – Grounding, Prosperity & Ancestors
Bachelor’s Button – Invoking the Goddess
Oatstraw – Prosperity & Sacred to many Dark Goddesses
Blood Orange – Luck, Divination & Prosperity
Dandelion – Calling Spirits & Divination
Lavender – Protection & Purification

We use only, organic, natural, and responsibly sourced ingredients. In this tea, you will find organic, fair-trade Oolong, Cocoa Nibs, Bachelor’s Button, Oatstraw, Blood Orange, Dandelion & Lavender. That’s it! No added flavors (not even those so-called “natural” ones), no added preservatives – just-tea perfectly blended the way tea is meant to be.

Use approximately 1 to 1½ tsp of the loose-leaf blend per every 6-8oz of water for about 3-5 minutes. Adjust the amount of tea and brewing time to match your taste preference. The longer you brew your tea, the more flavor you will extract from our fresh ingredients.

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