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Chakra -Root Chakra (Muladhara) Caffeine Free Organic Loose-Leaf Tea
Chakra -Root Chakra (Muladhara) Caffeine Free Organic Loose-Leaf Tea

The Spunky Cauldron

Chakra -Root Chakra (Muladhara) Caffeine Free Organic Loose-Leaf Tea



Made to heal and balance your Root Chakra

Enjoy a cup as part of your daily tea ritual or before conducting Chakra work or meditation. Each sip is a tribute to your well-being.

This beautiful tea is full of flavor and aroma. Made with only the highest quality organic and responsibly sourced herbs and spices. You can take heart in knowing that your purchase is eco-conscious and sustainable.

Reiki Infused
Caffeine Free

Ingredients are as follows:
Rose petals

To brew, add a 1-1½ tsp of this tea in a strainer or loose in your cup with boiling water for 3-5 minutes or until your desired strength. You may also brew your tea using an iced or cold brew method, perfect for hot days.


About the Root Chakra:

Muladhara is the first chakra (known as the Root) and is associated with the following functions or behavioral characteristics:
• Security, safety
• Survival
• Basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc.)
• Physicality, physical identity and aspects of self
• Grounding
• Support and foundation for living our lives

The root chakra is where we ground ourselves with the earth and anchor our energy into the physical world. This Chakra is related to our sense of safety and security physically, emotionally, and metaphorically. The root chakra support as we ground ourselves and explore all the aspects of life. To sum it up, the first chakra is our foundation for survival and safety.

The deficiencies or imbalances can manifest as the following:

• Excessive criticism, negativity, cynicism
• Eating disorders/obesity
• Greed and/or materialism
• Self-Illusion or illusions related to unproductive patterns
• Feeling of insecure, socially, emotionally, and physically
• Living in constant survival mode

A blocked root chakra manifest in behaviors governed by fear. For a person who has an imbalance in the first chakra, it might be hard to feel safe in the world with everything opportunity or challenge seeming like a considerable hazard. Simple decisions can become overwhelming and obstructive. When off-balance the desire for security takes over and can translate into anxieties related to employment, home life, physical safety, health, and more.

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