Pamper Boxes

"This Box is Cheaper Than Therapy"

Being a working adult in today’s fast paced world is no joke. We are expected to age gracefully and perfectly with no fucking issues and minimal upkeep all the while keeping our sanity intact. These things are no more possible than defying gravity or getting your three year old to stop screaming about the pasta they begged you to cook but are now refusing to eat, there are still plenty of people who think it should be. Well, this box is a stab at self-care for those defiant mo-fos who want to take care of themselves with no added fragrances or unnecessary chemicals. You deserve this shit and fuck anyone else who disagrees.

This is our version of the monthly subscription box, but you get to pick and choose which scents and which months you receive.  No need to cancel and no auto-bill.  Each month a new, limited edition scent will be made available.

Our monthly Pamper Box comes in two sizes, "Opulent" and "Elemental".  


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