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It's Spring, Witches

The beginning of spring is one of renewal and cleansing. It's a time when we need to kick the darkness out of our lives and our homes and embrace the lingering light. One way to clear out that horrible winter funk is to kick it up a notch with clean, clear, fresh, scents that will remind you of lingering sunny days and childhood joy. And, if it doesn't, well, there is just no hope for your moody ass.

Derby witch - spearmint & lime

Witches at the races? Yes, please. It’s the epitome of spring in the south. Let’s pull out those big hats and watch our favorite horses run down the track. Embrace your inner hoity toity witch with this mint julep inspired scent featuring spearmint and lime.

Lavish Witch - lemongrass and grapefruit & Rosalina

Do you love relishing the spring equinox and the blooming flowers peering out after the long winter? If so, then this scent is the one for you. With the lemongrass, grapefruit, and rosalina this scent is one that is clean and refreshing.

Sassy witch - rosalina & spearmint & lemon

Oh snap, you’ve done it now. The Sassy Witch is up and ready to come for your ass if you don’t start acting right. And although the quick fingersnap may have evolved over the years it’s still ready to make a comeback when needed. Just remember when you apply this rosalina, spearmint, and lemon scent that you will be invoking the power of the sass.

All scents come in the following:

2oz & 8oz Body Lotion
8oz Divinity Soap
8oz Bath and Foot Soak
8oz Body Scrub
2oz Waterless Hand Cleanser