Root Chakra Herbal Cone Incense

Root Chakra Incense contains Mysore Sandalwood. Precious Mysore Sandalwood oil is grounding and removes tension and depression; it helps through periods of fear. Its energy is said to be protective and dispels negativity. Vetiver roots and essential oil: Deeply grounding,earthy fragrance that nurtures our spirit. Cedar wood: Balancing and stabilizing energy strengthens the spirit and dispels negative energy. Ginger: Increases vitality,activates willpower and enables us to take intiative with determination,which leads to achievement of our life's goals. Ginger is said to attract prosperity.

Triloka incense is hand-made according to the ancient tradition of India-supporting our Fair Trade Cottage Industry Partners. Each Triloka incense is individually hand-rolled using only the finest herbs, gums, essential oils, charcoal, and other natural ingredients.

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