February 17, 2021

Why the Hype? Moldavite: The what, why, and how.

By Heather Scott
Why the Hype? Moldavite: The what, why, and how.
Moldavite is thought to have formed about, 15 million years ago as a result of an asteroid impact causing the Ries and Steinheim craters in Germany. The velocity of the rock were enough to "melt and splatter" pieces across what is now parts of the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. Because of the rapid change from solid to liquid and back to solid, moldavite is actually considered a silica rich glass, and has also been called impactite, and mineraloid by meteorite experts as the atoms did not have enough time to organize themselves as minerals.
moldavite are map
photo courtesy of www.geology.com
How's that for a geology lesson?! Because it can only be found in a relatively small area of the planet, and it grows increasingly rare (ya know, cuz violent asteroid impacts don't happen on the regular). I mean, really look how teeny those green dots on the map! Most available pieces are fairly small in size and cost a pretty penny to obtain. Larger specimens are harder to find and well...probably out of most people's price range.
It ranges in color from yellow green to greenish brown, can have gas bubble inclusions and shapes vary greatly.
photo courtesy of www.geology.com
Because of its rarity and popularity, there are many imitations and fakes circulating. The above picture shows a moldavite sample under the microscope. you can see the flow lines and trapped gas that occur from the rapid cooling after impact. Usually some of the inclusions can be seen with the naked eye. If the pricing is too good to be true...chances are it is not a genuine piece. Be sure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller.
As far as metaphysical properties go, it's a powerful one. This one is known as the stone of transformation and packs a powerful energy punch. (Even the smallest specimen can energetically knock you on your ass.) So when seeking out it's help, be sure you are ready to handle all that it has to offer because it does not hold back.
Moldavite is said to accelerate spiritual evolution, activate dream states, and improve communication with the cosmos.
It has cleansing and protective qualities,
Can aid in connecting with ascended masters and Akashic records and healing emotional wounds.
Heightens self awareness and helps us move past blockages, get rid of the feeling of being "stuck".
It is also helpful in amplifying the energy of other crystals.
Healing, getting "unstuck", ascension, enlightenment, whatever your end goal, while moldavite is powerful, it will not totally do the work for you. Make sure you are ready. It may be a rough ride, but you'll come out better, hence the designation of "stone of transformation". It's ok to take it slow. If you feel overwhelm when working with your piece, put it down, use it in spurts. Slow and steady still makes it to the finish line. 
At some point specimens of this stone will no longer be found. Up to now it has not been discovered in any other region outside of the above mentioned areas. So once you snag one of these, care for it. It's probably not one that you'd want to carry around in your pocket. 
If you're ready to make the leap, snag your piece here