November 23, 2022

Hourglass Selenite

By Whitney Wilson

Hourglass selenite is unique because it can only be found one place in the world - the salt plains in Oklahoma. In fully formed pieces the reddish brown sand from the salt plains forms an hourglass shape. These pieces of selenite have the same properties of selenite (helping with communication, improves connection to the divine, clarifies the mind, and shields oneself of the energies you come in contact with throughout the day) and they also have the properties of the sand/dirt that they contain. Those properties include being able to ground, center, and calm us. Having both the selenite and the sand/dirt in one stone gives a good balance of the grounding we need during the day along with the high vibration, white uplifting light that selenite contains. The piece you received was hand dug by one of our owners for you as our gift.