August 01, 2019

New Moon Manifestation and Intention Setting

By Heather Scott
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Most people love Full Moons and I'm no different. Seeing her in all her splendor is definitely amazing. However, New Moons are becoming quite a favorite of mine. Seeing her at her darkest as she is starting her new journey is nothing short of breath taking. I always feel like she is showing us that we too can become a Phoenix, arise from the ashes, and start new. Part of starting new is manifesting new goals or intentions and the perfect time to do this is (surprise!) at the New Moon.

For those of you new to abundance and intention setting, let's have a chat. I'm sure you're familiar with setting goals and writing inspirational/motivational quotes. New Moon Manifestation & Intention Setting is all that but takes it a step further by making us an active participant in making it happen. We use tools such as crystals, herbs, oils, manifestation/abundance checks, etc. We also take on the belief that there is enough in the Universe for everyone, that we must ask for what we want, be thankful for what we have currently, thankful that what we ask for will happen, and then, not just believe it WILL happen, but that it IS happening.

So how do you do this? Below is a basic outline of what I do for my New Moon Manifestation and Intention Setting. I will vary it a bit depending on what exactly I'm trying to manifest, but it follows this basic outline. The important thing to remember is to do what feels right or what feels like needs to be done to make it happen and that this is best done no more than 24 hours after the New Moon peak.

New Moon Manifestation and Intention Setting


Smudge stick or spray - always, always cleanse the area and your tools with smudge. It's the same as wanting to start with clean bowls and spoons to cook or blank page to write.

Crystals - clear quartz is always a must because it magnifies what is placed with it. From there you can choose what you are drawn to use or look for ones more to the purpose of what you are trying to achieve (looking through what I offer here in my store is a great place to start).

Herbs - same as crystals, choose what you are drawn to or search for ones that match what you are trying to achieve (hoping to add these soon to my shop, until then please feel free to call/DM/email for help!).

Essential oils - Eos are my jam and I try to use them any chance I can. There is always a few that match your purpose. I sell the single oils in my shop and hope to offer blends soon. Again, use what you are drawn too (always dilute!) or feel free to contact me for help.

Candles - choose by color or choose by scent, you can't go wrong when incorporating candles. Can't decide what to use? You can never go wrong with white.

Manifestation/Abundance check - Ahh, this is a favorite of mine. You will see a pre-provided one pictured with this post. This is, in my mind, one of the most important tools in making your dream happen. These checks don't just have to be use for money. Anything can be written on those lines (you will see in a moment).

Spunky Cauldron New Moon Manifestation Check

Mantras/Sayings - I like to write a few lines to say daily that align with what I am trying to manifest. Stay positive and use the present tense (this IS happening, etc; not "I hope" or "I wish").

A table, window ledge, counter, etc - You gotta have a place to put all the awesomeness you are about to create. If you have pets or little ones, it might be wise to choose somewhere that they will not be able to reach.

Anything else you are drawn to - the great thing about this is that there are no rulebooks or exact recipes. Use what you feel is necessary to make it happen. There are no limits!

The Process:

Depending on what tools I choose, makes the difference on how I do things. For this post, I will just give a basic outline of how I use each tool. That way, you can mix and match according to what you want to do.

Smudge - the first thing I do no matter what tools I'm using is cleanse them all with smudge stick/smoke or spray.

Crystals - after cleansing them (use caution if using smudge spray because some crystals shouldn't get wet), I will arrange them in a pattern or grouping that looks pretty on the designated space or I will just arrange them in a bowl and place that bowl on my designated space.

Herbs - I like to mix the herbs I chose for this and put them in a jar. Next, I choose a pretty small bowl, place that bowl on my designated space, and add a little bit of the mixture to that bowl daily.

Essential oils - I love using my pre-blended and diluted mixture on everything. I place some on my bowls, some crystals (again, use caution since some could be damaged by this), candles, sprinkle some in with my herb mixture, etc. You get the idea.

Candles - after choosing the color/scent I want to use and putting my oil mixture on it, I place it on my designated space, light it, and let it burn for a few minutes every day.

Manifestation/Abundance check - as I said earlier, I feel like this is one of the most important tools for intention setting. Your intentions or what you are trying to manifest doesn't have to be money related to use this check - it can be anything.

  • Start by printing the check attached to this post (save the image and send to your printer).
  • On the date line, write the date of when you need this to happen (next week, next month, next year?). The important thing is to be specific - write the actual date complete with year.
  • Next, on the "pay to" line write your name. On the dollar line write what you are trying to manifest - "new job" or "$10,000" or "my soul mate", etc (you get the idea). In the dollars box you can write "paid in full" or the same thing you wrote on the dollar line again.
  • On the signature line you write "The Universe" or "Law of Abundance" or something similar (just like if the Universe was writing a check to YOU for what you are manifesting).
  • Finally on the memo line write "Thank you" & "So mote it be" or "So it will be".

Mantras/Sayings - when doing these, I like to write them on the same paper as the manifestation check. I also like to pair the ink color with what I am trying to manifest (green for money, red for love, etc). I write things to say like "I am open and ready to receive ___________ (saying what I am manifesting". "I am thankful for ___________". "I believe that there is enough ____________ for everyone and I am open and ready for my share". These are just examples. Things that you write for yourself have more meaning and thus more power. So try and write your own, but you are more than welcome to use the above and fashion them to your needs.

Finally, I set aside a few minutes every day sit/stand by my space and use my tools to make it happen. I light my candle, place some herbs in my bowl, say my sayings, visualize it happening, and thanking the Universe for it happening.

And that's it! Some people like to do it until the date on the check or it happens. Some like to do it until the next New Moon and set a new one then. What you do, is totally up to you. Once you manifest your intention and make it happen, be sure to thank the Universe by burning the herbs & paper and releasing it back to the Universe or by burying it.

As always, please feel free to message or call the store with questions or to tell me your success! I would love to celebrate with you!


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