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Healing the Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra

Kristi Brooks

Posted on April 10 2018


The sixth chakra is known as the Third Eye Chakra (or Ajna in Sanskrit). It is located in the center of your forehead in the space between the eyebrows and the color most commonly associated with this chakra is Indigo. This covers your eyes and the lower part of your brain, including your pituitary gland.  Becaue of this, it is considered to be the center of your intuition and and that makes it your spiritual chakra. If it is open, many believe that the increase in intuition can enable clairvoyance, imagination, visualization, and telepathy.

 It is believed by many that there was a time in human development when the intuition we feel now was far more.  It was a sense of knowing what was coming and of communication with other people and other creatures on a higher level. As nature and technology evolved, we began to rely more and more on our senses and less on our spiritual eye.

What causes Trauma to the Third Eye Chakra?

Many times we often try to rely so heavily on our perception and our senses of the physical world around us that we limit ourselves. We shut off our gut instincts and our intuition and dismiss them as just a weird feeling or that nagging inside voice that we shrug off. But in truth, these are the voices and feelings of our inner perception screaming to be heard. 

When the Ajna is clogged, it can lead to feelings of desperation and thoughts of being stuck in life, headaches, lack of clarity and loss of concentration. Not only that, but an overactive Third Eye Chakra can lead to hyper real fantasies and getting lost in imaginary realms. This is why it is important that you work to make sure this chakra is aligned and flowing properly.

How I am Trying to Focus the Healing Energy for the Third Eye Chakra

 When you are learning how to balance and properly align your Third Eye Chakra, you will want to make sure that you do plenty of meditation and that you do so in a manner that will help the flow of energy remain steady and strong. This can be a daunting task, but it is one that can be done with patience and strength of will. I blended together some oils to help you during this healing process so that you can work toward your path to wellness. The oils I use are Roman chamomile, neroli, sandalwood, cardamom.

When I am mixing the oils I use my own energy and stones to help charge the blends. I do this by setting the stones out in a pattern and I charge the oils once when I first mix them together and then again once the product is complete. The stones I used to do this were selenite, blue goldstone, blue tiger’s eye, labradorite, sodalite, lapis lazuli, and angelite. For your own meditations you can use these or you might also want to use blue topaz, vivianite, cinnabar, and blue chalcedony.



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