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Healing the Sacral Chakra (Svadhistana)

Kristi Brooks

Posted on April 10 2018

The second chakra is known as the Sacral Chakra (or the Svadhistana in Sanskrit), and it represents the creative, emotional, and sexual aspects of your life. It is located just below the navel in the seat of the pubic bone. The element most associated with this chakra is water, because it is seen as one that will ebb and flow at different time periods creating a unique sense of flexibility. The color orange that is tied into the Sacral also ties into the sense of passion that is the base of this chakra’s energy.

Because this is the pleasure chakra, there can be important and noticeable differences between someone with an open and flowing Sacral Chakra and one that is clogged. A balanced second chakra could lead to joy, sensuality, pleasure, wellness, and abundance. One that is clogged could experience issues with instability and fear of change, as well as addictive and depressive behaviors.  

What causes Trauma in the Sacral Chakra?

One of the ways in which the Sacral Chakra could be clogged or out of alignment is because we are not in alignment with our true and authentic selves. Being truly creative means to let go of all of our worries about acceptance and social constrictions, and since this can be a difficult proposition for many they hold in their creativity and set boundaries that block the energy and hamper true wellness.

To help open the Svadhistana, you must not only let go of social constraints on creativity, but you must also let go of your fear of failure. This can seem like a daunting task, but it can be done in small steps. Try to go back and reconnect with your inner child and remember what it felt like to play without boundaries and imagine without worry about what anyone else thought.

How I am Trying to Help Focus the Healing Energy of the Sacral Chakra

My perfume oil blend to help awaken the Sacral Chakra is made of mandarin, ylang ylang, vanilla, and cobaiba. It can be used daily as an affirmation of your desire to open the Sacral Chakra or during times of deep meditation. I make sure to charge each of the oils so that you get not just the scents associated with the healing, but also the energy that I am able to offer up.

Stones that I use to charge the Svadhistana oils are goldstone, fire agate, carnelian, mugglestone, and tiger’s eye because these are the stones that speak to me concerning the second chakra. Other stones that could be used for your own personal meditation include: orange calcite, brecciated jasper, peach aventurine, and golden healer. 


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