February 24, 2021

Are you an Empath?

By Heather Scott
Are you an Empath?


One of the number things that I talk with people in my store about is being an empath. Most of the people that come in feel extremely burdened and exhausted by having this gift. It doesn’t have to be that way. I love teaching people the things that have helped me embrace this gift (because that is what it is) and not be burdened by it.


First let’s talk about what an empath really is. When we say empath we mean someone who has the gift of being an empath and not just someone who is empathetic (has empathy for others). TBH, I feel like most people feel like they are empaths these days because it is one of the latest buzz words. Being an empath is more than just being able to read a room when we enter it or knowing what someone is feeling when we are talking to them.
As human’s we have an inane sense of reading body language and cues and making conclusions from this. We are taught from a young age to read some of these cues and some we just know or respond to (think of it as talking with someone who has their arms crossed or just walking into a room and feeling the tension). This doesn’t necessarily mean you are an empath. You may just be more sensitive or more aware of your surroundings than others. Being an empath involves a lot more than being perceptive. 
As Empaths, we are definitely more sensitive and aware of our surroundings than others, but it’s more like another sense for us. Just like you can smell or taste food, we literally “feel” what others are feeling (not just read those feelings). We take on those feelings. A good example I like to use is that I can tell you from driving by an accident whether it is a fatality of not because of the emotions and what energy is lying around it that I pick up or take on as I drive by. Another big sign is if your mood automatically changes to match the mood of the person/people you are with. I don’t mean you match their mood, I mean you literally take on their emotions and feeling. This is part of being an empath. Trips to big stores, especially ones like Walmart, are physically exhausting because the emotions of those buzzing around us are too much and too emotionally exhausting. 

Most empaths have a tendency to be introverted because we can’t handle the “buzz” or mass emotions of a larger crowd. Again, we take on others energies not just notice them. It’s a level of intuition and psychic ability. That is why I call it a gift. Those who truly have it, especially when they are first coming into it or discovering it, feel like it is a curse. I remember one of the first times I had an empathic experience. I was out to eat with a group of people and the feeling I was picking up on were so strong that I swear I could hear them. True this could be tied in with my other gifts, but I could literally feel what they were feeling. At the time, I didn’t know what it was and reacted like they had said the things they did to my face (when they had just been thinking them). Looking back, I realize it was just my gift of being an empath shining through.  

Again, empaths not only notice/hear what others are feeling, we also take on that energy as well. We can start laughing or crying for no reason because we picked up that energy and allowed it into our body. 

Is this resonating with you? Keep reading. If not, that’s okay too. There is nothing wrong with being a little more sensitive than the average person and not being an empath. Some empaths would say you are blessed.

So you are an empath and made it to this point. Now what?

I will tell you what I tell the people who come into my store. I have been on the journey of being an empath for over 8 years and there are many tools we can use to help us. Some are more exhausting or take more energy than others. I’m not a big fan of those because I would rather use that energy for other things. However, some people don’t find them as exhausting as I do. I will denote the ones that take a tad more energy/effort and you can decide what you want to do/use. What I have found is that to survive as an empath in todays world (cause let’s face it, shit is cray cray right now) it takes doing three main things.

Protect/Shield, cleanse, and heal. Say it again. We must shield/protect ourselves while we are out, cleanse the energies that still get past our shields, and then heal ourselves from the long term exposure to those energies. So let’s break down each one of these and see how we can do them!

Protect/Shield- There’s so many ways to protect and shield it could likely fill it’s own blog post…several times over. So, we’ll focus on just a couple and some tools. Before heading out into the world, visualize a protective bubble forming around yourself head to toe. A bubble of white light is a good one, but you can make your bubble any color that resonates. Black tourmaline and shungite are fantastic stones of protection and can be worn or carried. Should you notice any “seepage”, saying “ These aren’t my feelings” until they subside with some deep breaths should help.

Cleanse- Again, many ways to do this here’s a few, whichever resonates with you, is what will work the best.

-Stand in the wind and visualize any negativity being blown away. If you live in OK, this one is easy as there’s never a shortage of wind.

-Use a selenite wand to wipe away negative energy.   

-Cleansing shower- As the water flows visualize all negativity and energy that isn’t yours washing down the drain. You can dissolve some salt in a cup of water and pour it over, and if you’re feeling particularly bogged down, add some herbs to the mix for good measure.

-Smudge- You can use any smudge stick, palo santo, or in the event you can't light something on fire, The Spunky Cauldron’s Go Smudge Yourself spray. The spray is a great option when you’re in need of a quick cleanse out and about such as after work or a grocery trip. 

Finally, Heal- This is a personal step. It can be achieved with meditation and intention. Simply spending time with yourself and self-care. I also suggest Reiki healing sessions. If you need recommendations, feel free to reach out, we definitely have some magickal peeps in mind. Some stones to aid in healing include Charoite, Clear Quartz, and Lemon Topaz.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, the Empath Crystal Kit is a good start to building your empath tool kit. By taking these steps, you’ll be able to embrace your gift and not feel as exhausted by it. Make it a daily habit, it doesn’t have to take long.

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  • Tami Fox on March 18, 2022

    Thank you for your words. I realize most all of what you provided and have known since quite young, now 61. What I don’t get is WHY WILL I NOT APPLY WHAT I KNOW AND HAVE KNOWN FOR SO VERY LONG!? It is more familiar and much clearer becomes much more naturally and easily to take care of others. I’ve set goals to take better care of myself but do not ever do it as I forget that that’s the goal. What a shame it’s the same reason I haven’t developed the skills that I already know that I have I don’t practice I don’t spend time developing what I have and have had for a very long time. Is this really just procrastination? I doubt it somehow. Makes no difference nothing changes. Now, guarantee someone come to me and say the same exact thing I just said right here above I could help them. But for me no I have no clue what to do obviously., has my journey started at 14 years old her before and I am 61 as I said so…. if anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate feedback. Thank you brand new to this blog and first time to visit you online looking for a place close to me such as yours.

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