December 12, 2022

How to use Everyday Magick Intention Salt

By Whitney Wilson
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What is intention salt? 

The Everyday Magick Intention Salts are salts that have been infused with herbs and magick for specific intentions, then reiki charged. Each salt is blended on the day corresponding with its planetary ruler. For instance, Cleansing and Divination salts are blended on Mondays to correspond with their moon rulership.  


Each intention salt is comprised of a salt base. In general, it will be plain salt or pink himalayan salt as the foundation. Then, herbs that support the intention we are working on are added and the process of melding and magicking begins. Even the direction we grind the herbs and salt together is important! Some even contain dust from stones that support overall intention, and colors. 

Abundance salt in bowl with spoon and packaged abundance salt
The Spunky Cauldron​​

Suggested Uses for Intention Salt:


The easiest way to use, is as a sprinkle. Unlike accidentally spilling that salt, intentionally sprinkling is quite magickal. Your intention will determine where you will actually sprinkle the salt. Protection salt is great sprinkled around the border of the home or floorboards of the car, for example. Whereas, a little sprinkle of Money intention salt would do well inside your wallet.

Use as an additive to everyday tasks

Add to mop water or other products to give a layer of intention to the task at hand. A teeny pinch will do. 

Add to a Spell Jar

In general, we always use some sort of salt in any jar workings we do. This adds a grounding, protective layer to the spell. The intention salt adds that grounding, protective layer in addition to supporting the specific intention for the spell jar. 

Use in Magickal Working

Use as an ingredient for a spell with a matching intention! A super simple spell jar, for instance, would be simply pouring some of your chosen intention salt into a jar, sealing, and placing in a safe spot OR...making it into jewelry, such as a necklace as a daily reminder. Or sprinkled on a crystal grid adds an easy layer of intention. 

Cleanse & Charge Stones or Tools

Fill a bowl with specific intention salt and use to cleanse or charge your ritual specific tools for a specific working. It's important to note, though, that not all stones and tools mesh well with salt, but that's an easy fix. To protect your tools, place in a bag (like a sandwich baggy) before placing on salt, place tools next to bowl, or create a platform of sorts over the bowl to create a barrier to safely place your tools on.  

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of ways to use an intention salt, but it gives a great start! The main idea is to BE INTENTIONAL and be strategic with placement. The Everyday Magick Intention Salts were created as an easy way to incorporate intention/magick into even the most mundane everyday task in hopes that we all will realize that magick does not have to be a huge production, but instead, intentional. 

Happy Magick Making!

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