September 28, 2022

How to use an Everyday Magick Ritual Wash

By Whitney Wilson
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What is a Ritual wash? 

The Everyday Magick ritual washes were formulated to be a versatile tool in your magickal toolbox. It is a "wash" and serves in this capacity, whether it is to wash yourself, your tools, or become a ritual itself. Here, we will list some ideas on how to utilize your ritual wash, however, this list is not all inclusive and we look forward to hearing your clever uses as well!

The term "wash" may give the impression that one is "cleaning" and perhaps in a sense, you are. However, feelings can also "wash" over you, so in this way a ritual wash can be used to bring in an intention to you or cloak, yourself, your space, your altar, etc... For example, the cleansing ritual wash can be used to release or remove something, but a protection wash can be used to bring in/put up a wall of protection around/on you. 


Each ritual wash sachet include pink himalayan salt and a blend of herbs given a specific purpose to support its intention. For instance, the Money Ritual Wash, contains herbs that support the intention of drawing money to yourself.

3 ritual washes sitting on counter
The Spunky Cauldron​​

Suggested Uses for a Ritual Wash:

Bath Sachet

The most obvious way to use a ritual wash is to turn any bath into a magickal one. You can drop in the bath water as is or you can mix and use a small amount and spread over many baths. Your bath can be the ritual, or in preparation for a ritual. 

Use as a Rinse

If baths are not your cup of tea, you can fill a pitcher or similar vessel with hot water and place the sachet in to "brew", like tea. Once cooled, you can pour over yourself in the shower. And again, this can become the ritual, or be a preparation for spellwork or ritual. 

Shower Steamer

If you aren't to keen on the idea of pouring herbal water over yourself OR sitting in it, simply place in the bottom of the shower or hang from the shower head and let the vapors of the herbs wash over you. 

Cleanser Additive

Add ritual wash to mop water or create an intentional wash by adding to water. For example, protection ritual wash is a great additive to mop water to bring protection throughout your home. Love Ritual Wash added to water to "wash" your bathroom mirrors to bring in a little self love. Open up the sachet and mix ingredients to get multiple uses. 

Tool Wash

Brew ritual wash like a tea and use to wash intention specific tools, only those that are water safe of course. 

Functional Decor

The ritual wash sachets are PRETTY! Place on altar or as a decoration and let that intention wash over the space and those who enter it. (You can also do this for tools that cannot get wet, simply set them next to the sachet.)

Whether you're using your ritual wash AS your magickal working or to prepare for other spellwork, the main idea is to BE INTENTIONAL. These washes were not created to be set it and forget it, slow cooked meals. The Everyday Magick Ritual Wash was created as a way to incorporate intention/magick into even the most mundane everyday task in hopes that we all will realize that magick does not have to be a huge production, just a bit of intention added to the everyday. 

Happy Magick Making!

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