February 09, 2023

How to use an Everyday Magick Floor Sweep

By Whitney Wilson
How to use an Everyday Magick Floor Sweep

What is a Floor Sweep? 

The Everyday Magick Floor Sweeps were created as a way to bring intention (magick) to the mundane task of sweeping. 

While sweeping may not be the most glamorous form of ritual, it is a common task that most of us must do at some point or another. The cool thing about being a maker of magick, is that even our "chores" are an opportunity, if we make it so. Yep, we're THAT good!


Each Floor Sweep contains Pink Himalayan Salt and a blend of herbs and essential oils to support its intention. Each batch is blended with intention and then charged with Reiki before it makes its way to you. 

Abundance Floor Sweep
The Spunky Cauldron​​

Suggested Uses for a Floor Sweep:

As a Floor Sweep

It seems counterintuitive...We get that, but hey, if you've made the decision to sweep the floor, chances are it's already your version of "messy", so...Keep Calm and Sprinkle on. 

How much you spread across the floor, is up to you. As you sprinkle, think about the intention you are working with. For instance, if you're using a Money Floor Sweep, think about Money flowing into your home or bank account with ease. 

Add to Mop Water

A pinch will do! Add some of your floor sweep to your mop water. As you mop keep your intention in mind, you could even repeat a mantra or chant to yourself or out loud as you go. 


Not to be confused with Sashay...however, if you're feeling particularly saucy at chore time, it couldn't hurt. Maybe don't sashay while mopping though, safety first. But really, you can add some of your floor sweep to a sachet (think organza bag) for a little spell sachet that can go wherever you want to bring in that intention. 

Addition to Magickal Workings

Add to a spell jar, sachet,  or use around the base of a candle working, the options here are endless. Be sure to consider your tools and such and whether or not salt would be harmful in some way before using. 

Altar/Ritual Space Sweep

Sweeping doesn't have to be on a large scale. If you are prepping your altar for a specific ritual that is similar to the floor sweep intention you have chosen, you can certainly use to add another layer of intention to your working. 

For instance, If you're preparing to do an abundance candle spell, you can sprinkle your floor sweep on your ritual space and "sweep" away with a ritual besom or your hand, or leave until your working is complete. 


In general, it is believed that working in a clockwise manner brings IN energy, while working in a counterclockwise manner banishes or clears energy. 

For example: For a Cleansing Floor Sweep, you would choose a starting point, and sweep moving counter clockwise to remove all unwanted energy. For a Protection Floor Sweep, you would chose your starting point and sweep, moving in a clockwise direction to bring in the protective energy. 

 BE INTENTIONAL. Intention is the driving factor behind all magick, each floor sweep is inherently full of it, the only missing ingredient is your own. The Everyday Magick Floor Sweep was created as a way to incorporate intention/magick into even the most mundane everyday task in hopes that we all will realize that magick does not have to be a huge production, just a bit of intention added to the everyday. 

Happy Magick Making!

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