July 28, 2022

The Spunky Cauldron's Everyday Magick Abundance Herb Kit

By Whitney Wilson
Everyday Magick Abundance Herb Kit Graphic

Everyday Magick Abundance Herb Kit

Contains: Coltsfoot, Cilantro, Orange Peel, Mistletoe, & Black Salt.

SO, you've got an Abundance herb kit, now what?

Since you've chosen this Abundance Herb Kit, you have some idea of what you intend to bring into your life. Abundance looks different to everyone and can range from general abundance in all areas of your life to very specific areas, such as financial wealth, health, friends...etc.

Herbs can be used in spell jars, sachets, anointing oils, carried alone or as a combo, baths (not all are safe for this purpose so you must research), candle magick and so. much. more...

The following herbs were chosen for this kit to assist in your Abundance related workings, however, most herbs have multiple applications. What is most important is YOU giving each herb their "responsibility" within your spell, as you add it. 

This Abundance kit is formulated to provide a starting point or an addition to your current repertoire, and is not intended to be an all inclusive collection of herbs that can be used to draw Abundance.

How to use your Herb Kit:

  1. Set an intention/make a goal. Get real specific on what outcome you're aiming for. 
  2. Select herbs that support your path to achieving your goal. Each Everyday Magick Herb Kit contains herbs supporting its intention. 
  3. Decide what type of working you are going to do. Herbs can be used in sachets, spell jars, anointing oils, candle magick, and so much more... 
  4. Give each herb its specific purpose within your spell as you add it. (Ex. Basil to draw money.) 
  5. Once you have completed your working, be sure to give thanks to your herbs & tools for their assistance in achieving your goal. Do this again when your goal comes to fruition. 

Abundance Kit Herbs:

Black Salt: Included in all herb kits is a great to "ground" your spell and provide protection for your working. (Use caution as black salt can stain.)

Coltsfoot: Wealth, prosperity, and love. Use in love sachets. Sacred to Brighid. Use in spells for peace and tranquility.

Cilantro: Promotes love, peace, abundance, and overcoming aversions. It is said to be a protector of gardeners (aren't we all growers of all the things?) and bring peace and tranquility to the home. 


Orange Peel: As a fruit, the orange represents the bounty of the tree it has grown  on. A symbol of luck and good fortune.

Mistletoe: Used for fertility, creativity, prevention of illness/misfortune, and protection from negative spells & magick. Hang in the home for protection from lightning & fire. Wear in an amulet to repel negativity & ill will and protect against unwanted advances. Carry for luck in hunting. Use to draw in customers, money and business. Use in ritual baths or prayer bowls for healing. Note: Poisonous, use with caution.

Happy Magick Making!

 Note: All herbs sold by The Spunky Cauldron are sold for metaphysical and ceremonial purposes only.  

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